3D Construction Sustainability

Responsible sourcing of materials is an important aspect of sustainability in construction. Thankfully companies like CEMEX are committed to research ways concrete can be more ecofriendly. CEMEX’s Vertua product is an example of their efforts, and they are a founding member of the First Movers Coalition to drive demand for zero-carbon technologies. It is ideal there is partnership between a leading 3D concrete printer manufacturer (COBOD) and an environmentally conscious concrete supplier (CEMEX). For an example of this partnership, view this exciting article.

When 3D construction is paired with the concept of micro-factories for prefab work, additional savings can be noticed in time, cost, and even quality as there is shielding from the elements. For this reason, Mighty Buildings has secured $100 million. Mighty Buildings claims their aim is to create: beautiful, sustainable, and affordable houses.

As the technology advances, we can expect to see continued improvements on the positives of sustainability surrounding this modern construction. For the time-being, many of the reasons mentioned in this Forbes article are practical.

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